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  Pastoral Announcements

Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Triduum 2020

Bishop James Checchio, following the guidelines of the Holy Week and the guidelines

of our Governor, suggested how we will experience the days of Holy Week:

¨ There will be NO public assembly from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday.

¨ Palm branches blessed today can be taken to our homes at a later time.

¨ The Chrism Mass in the cathedral is postponed and rescheduled to another date.

¨ We will still continue to use the Holy Oils (for baptism, for anointing) from

last year.

According to the "Decree of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline” issued on March 19, 2020, PASCHAL TRIDUUM, cannot be transferred to another time.


On Palm Sunday there is to be NO PUBLIC GATHERING. The Mass for Palm Sunday will be celebrated by the Bishop without a congregation, with palms blessed, and broadcast via live-stream internet on the Cathedral web site at: at 10:30 am on Sunday, April 5, 2020.

In our church will be celebrated and broadcast live via the Internet on the parish website at the following times:

¨ 9:00am—English

¨ 11:00am—Polish

¨ 1:00pm—Spanish

Holy Thursday

The Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper will be celebrated by the bishop at the Cathedral without a congregation and broadcast via the live-stream internet on the cathedral website at 7:30 pm. In our church will be celebrated and broadcast live at:

¨ 7:00pm—English, Polish and Spanish

The rite of Washing of the Feet will be omitted, and the procession with the Blessed Sacrament to the altar of adoration, formerly called the darkroom, will be omitted. The Blessed Sacrament will remain in the tabernacle, as usual. The church will not be specially decorated. Pastors are NOT Permitted to leave their churches open at this time.

Good Friday

On Good Friday, all people follow strict fast, consisting in refraining from meat dishes and limiting the number of meals.

The Good Friday Liturgy will be celebrated by the bishop in the Cathedral without the congregation at 3:00 pm will also be broadcast on the Cathedral’s website.

In our church, Good Friday services will be as followed:

¨ Station of the Cross will be celebrated at: 12:00pm noon (English, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese) you will be able to participate in it via live broadcast on the website of our parish.

¨ Veneration of the Holy Cross takes place with a simple genuflection.

¨ Liturgy will be celebrated and broadcast live via the internet on the parish website as follows: 3:00pm-English, 5:00pm-Polish and 7:00pm-Spanish.


Holy Saturday

The Easter Vigil will be celebrated by the bishop in the Cathedral without a congregation at 8:00 pm and broadcasted live on the Cathedral’s website

In our church, there will be no blessing of the food on this day.

The Easter Vigil will also be celebrated at 8:00pm (English, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese), likewise will be the live broadcast from our church via the internet. There will be no blessing of the food on this day.

During the Easter Vigil:

¨ Preparation and lighting of the fire will be omitted;

¨ The Easter candle will be lit without a procession followed by the Easter Proclamation;

¨ We will only renew the baptismal promises; a symbolic (small) amount of water will be blessed only;

¨ The rite of receiving the sacraments of Christian Initiation will be postponed and re-planned once the restrictions have been lifted.



The Holy Mass on the Easter Sunday will be celebrated by the bishop without a congregation in the Cathedral at 10:30 am and broadcast via the live stream.

Masses in our church on the Easter Sunday will be celebrated without a congregation at 9:00am-English, 11:00am-Polish and 1:00pm-Spanish.


At this time, all public services are suspended until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation and immediately provide new information, if any. 

Holy week schedule:



 1.     Office Hours have changed until further notice due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Office phones will be open every day Monday-Friday from 10AM-12PM and from 2PM-4PM. If you have any emergency after office hours you can leave a voice message and we will return your call as soon as possible. Office is not open to the public currently until further notice. 



2.     Dear parishioners last few weeks, we don’t have any income. just few envelope in our mailbox and few online donation. We celebrate all schedule Masses - thanks for being with us via Internet. All of you can join us via Internet in our website. The only ways you can support your parish and church right now is online donation or dropping your envelope in office mail box. The online donation in our website allows you to support our parish using electronic funds transfer from either a bank’ account or credit/debit card just as you do your other expenses. It’s simple and convenient. You can create recurring donation or one-time donation. Thank you for being responsible. 



3.     In regards of our Bishop Appeal, the Development Office has received payments totaling $ 10,524.00 from 85 our parishioners. This represents 50.6% of our $ 23,000.00 goal. Thank you for your efforts… 


4.     On this first Sunday, we would like to wish God’s Blessings and Good Health and express our congratulations and appreciation to all our parishioners who are celebrating their Birthdays, Anniversaries and other special occasions during this month. May the Lord bless you and keep you in His care. 



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